Monday, December 31, 2012

PMQ Possibility

What happens when architecture meets______?

This kind of cross pollination is perfect for discovery and that is what excites me the most.

I've started discussing with Kit and our friend Cindy about the possibility of opening a workshop/gallery, one devoted to further exploring the possibilities that exist between architecture and any other field.

By using Hong Kong's future PMQ (Police Married Quarters) and the artists/community there, we can differ ourselves from similar design offices. The traditional process of "Act"(to do) and "React"(to respond to) can be modified to "Think", "Make", and "Share"*, continuing in loops of Think-Make-Share-Think-Make-Share-Think-Make-Share-...
*(Can also be expressed as Design, Fabricate, and Exhibit)

With Cindy's specialization in exhibition (Think, Share) and Kit and I's in architecture (Think, Make), we hope this new process can generate new ideas.

Following the tangents, finding the new, and fulfilling a deeper desire. Moving ourselves and moving others.

Bye 2012. Here's to the New!