Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Deep Thoughts on Life: 1

While looking at the microwave the other day, I realized that there is something as wasteful as placing nipples on human males. It happened when I caught the light reflecting off the shiny number pad at just the right angle to notice that I had a really dirty number pad. The buttons had greasy smudges all over them. All the buttons that is, except the number 9. Instantly, I had an epiphany. The number 9 should not be on microwave keypads! You never microwave anything for 9 seconds, too short, never for 90 seconds, just type 1:30, and never for 9 minutes, long enough to melt steel.
The removal of the number 9 would also help the arrangement of buttons on the microwave. With there currently being 10 number buttons, they do not pack together very well. If there were just 9 buttons, they would all fit perfectly in a 3 x 3 grid!
If anyone knows people that design microwaves, let them know of this grave problem facing millions of microwaves worldwide.


  1. What about all the people out there that use value pricing strategy to save an extra second in their lives by microwaving everything one second less than what is stated, 29 seconds instead of 30. or all the 14 year olds out there that want to cook everything for 69 seconds?