Monday, November 23, 2009

Read signs before entering!

"I hope she doesn't choose me to dance." Said Nick Allen to me after the two of us and a friend ended up in a Turkish restaurant on the night they had Oriental Dancers (missed that sign on the door!).

20 seconds after he mentions this line to me, she grabs him by the hands and pulls him to his feet. Startled, he reverts to his instincts; Irish-Jig, Riverdance, and involuntary spasms of the legs. Then he catches the rhythm and the tempo of his partially undressed professional dance partner. Before one can realize what is happening, Nick starts leading the dance. He even starts dancing away from her, towards the rest of the restaurant. The crowd really gets into it. Being the pro that she is, she somehow manages to tame Nick and force him to sit down. Finishing one of the most action packed 5-7 seconds I have had in Paris .
Needless to say, this made me very excited for my upcoming trip to Istanbul (since I can't have turkey I am going to Turkey[ok... that was lame]).

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